The Top 10 Reasons Tucker Carlson Should Run for President Now That He’s Out At Fox

[Photo Credit: By Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America - Tucker Carlson, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=113609710]

According to a shocking new statement from Fox News, the network parted ways with one of its main stars on Monday, Tucker Carlson, effective immediately.

Carlson had been the most popular host on cable television before the news broke on Monday and a mainstay at Fox for years.

While some are already speculating that Tucker may ultimately choose to start his own media company, one that could eventually rival his former employer there is another likely potential future he may also entertain: one as a presidential candidate.

Here are some of the top reasons Carlson may choose to try his luck running for the most powerful office in America:

1)Name recognition

Tucker Carlson already enjoys a high degree of name recognition due to his prominence in the media, which may help him stand out among the other Republican contenders.

2)Popularity among the Republican base:

Tucker Carlson is well-liked within the Republican base, especially among those who believe that the party hasn’t done enough to allay their worries over topics like immigration, trade, and cultural values. In the primaries, he would have a wide base of support due to his popularity.


While some of Tucker Carlson’s remarks have come under fire for being racist or sexist, they have also helped him build a devoted following among people who believe that political correctness has gone too far. He might utilize these assertions to energize his supporters and set himself apart from more established GOP contenders.

4)Media savvy:

Carlson has a strong understanding of the media ecosystem and knows how to use it to his advantage. He would have a platform to reach millions of prospective voters thanks to his own show on Fox News.

5)Anti-establishment appeal:

Tucker Carlson has urged for a return to a more populist style of politics and has criticized both parties. This anti-establishment message could be appealing to those who are fed up with conventional politicians.

6) Rhetorical skill:

In order to win over supporters from the working class, Tucker Carlson has been a strong opponent of globalization and the outsourcing of employment. His argument could resonate with those from the working class who believe that outsourcing has cost them their jobs.

7)Excellent debate abilities:

Carlson is renowned for his incisive debating abilities and capacity for crystal-clear argumentation. In the primary debates, when candidates frequently struggle to stand out, this may offer Trump an advantage.

8) Support from conservative media:

Tucker Carlson enjoys a sizable following among conservative media figures, which may enable him to reach a larger audience.

9) Ability to fundraise:

In a crowded primary field, Carlson’s reputation and media acumen may enable him fund a sizable sum for his campaign.

10) Charisma:

The Republican base may be more motivated to vote in the general election because to Tucker Carlson’s passionate speeches and strong beliefs.

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