Fox News Host John Roberts Responds With Receipts to Biden Campaign Accusation

[Photo Credit: By Spud of Inside Cable news - Inside Cable news, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3148609]

Fox News host John Roberts responded to a Biden Campaign accusation of lying with receipts.

Mediaite reports, that Roberts was accused by the Biden campaign after claiming that co-pays for insulin had dropped below $35 under President Trump.

The Biden campaign took to X to refute Roberts:

“Fox host tries to claim Trump, not President Biden, capped insulin at $35/month FACT CHECK: This is a blatant lie. Trump did not cap insulin costs, President Biden did for seniors through the Inflation Reduction Act. Trump’s Project 2025 wants to repeal it, which would raise insulin costs for over a million Americans”

Roberts responded, and brought the receipts to back up his claim.

Mediaite reports:

“But there are receipts to dispute the Biden campaign’s claim about what I said,” Roberts declared.

Roberts then produced the press release from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that references a “maximum $35 co-pay” for seniors. Roberts also showed footage from a press conference held in the Rose Garden announcing Trump’s plan to lower insulin costs.

“I was in the Rose Garden that afternoon as were many other news organizations,” Roberts said, then producing a Washington Post article about the price reform too.

The price reduction came through the Medicare Part D Senior Savings Model, in which drug companies would enroll senior citizens in the program and lower costs on a voluntarily basis. Trump also had an executive order that never went into effect. Biden temporarily halted Trump’s plan in his first days in office pending a review. Biden would end up making the lower co-pay cost a mandate with his own plan.

The Biden campaign tweet was also fact checked by X, detailing a timeline of both Biden and Trump’s plans.

Roberts also said a representative of Biden was invited on the program to discuss the issue but have yet to make anyone available.

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