Fox & Friends Hosts Back Trump’s Calls for Biden Drug Test Before Debate

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

On Monday, Fox & Friends started the week by supporting the claim made by former President Donald Trump that President Joe Biden is under the influence of performance enhancing drugs.

The Fox & Friends co-hosts unanimously endorsed Trump’s most recent remarks that both he and Biden should undergo a drug test prior to their presidential debates.

They questioned why Biden could transition from “shuffling off the stage” to being all “jacked up” during his State of the Union address, as per co-host Lawrence Jones.

“[Trump] said that he wants President Biden to take a drug test before the debate in about two and a half weeks. He said, I’ll take one. He needs to take one. He said he’s not old. He’s incompetent.” Ainsley Earhardt noted.

“Right? His age is not the problem.” Brian Kilmeade said in response.

“Well, whether it’s the drug tests or just explaining to the American people of the ups and downs of the president, how is it one day the president is totally down, shuffling off stage, can’t walk the full route overseas, and then is suddenly able to just be jacked up for a State of the Union? Two days later, he’s back to the same old, same old. So I don’t know if his drug tests are just explaining how is the president alert some time, and sometimes not so much?” Jones then interjected.

“We do with the NFL and Major League Baseball. We find out what drugs they are on.” Kilmeade said.

Performance enhancing.” Steve Doocy noted.

“Yeah, but usually to help your performance. Why can’t we find out the president has been enhancing his performance?” Kilmeade remarked.

“It might just be a Mountain Dew.” Earhardt said.

“Why is there so much more pep in his step?” Doocy then asked.

“That’s exactly right.” Jones concluded.

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