Carville Reveals He’s Unhappy That Biden is Running for Re-election

[Photo Credit: By United States Senate and Congress, Office of Senator Michael Bennet -, Public Domain,]

James Carville, a seasoned Democratic strategist, reportedly expressed his desire that President Joe Biden refrain from seeking re-election against Donald Trump.

“It isn’t the choice I was crazy about. I thought that President Biden should not run for re-election…But he did — it’s him and Trump — and that’s where I am.” Carville said.

Carville, who was a notable employee of President Bill Clinton in 1992, also stated during a Sunday interview on WABC radio’s The Cats Roundtable that he is of the opinion that the advancing ages of Biden and Trump will disenfranchise younger party voters from participating in the upcoming November election.

“The lack of enthusiasm among young people for public policy and public service and being involved in the public square is quite disheartening. I can understand it on one level. I’ve talked to them, and they feel like a lot of things are not working for them.” Carville said.

“They feel like two 80-year-old guys don’t mean much to them. I am really afraid that we are going to lose the generation of young people…That’s my greatest fear for the United States, that young people are disengaging,” he continued.

Biden, at the age of 81, and Trump, who will reach 78 in a few days, are the two oldest candidates to seek the Oval Office.

Additionally, Carville contended that the Democratic Party possesses an adequate talent reservoir that could more effectively engage and appeal to younger voters than Biden, making the President’s decision to run for re-election all the more baffling.

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