The Most Shocking Revelations From Ex-Fox News Producers’ New Lawsuit Against the Network

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Abby Grossberg, a producer for Fox News, has now reportedly filed two lawsuits against her workplace, alleging a culture of sexual harassment as well as general sexism in addition to a variety of other allegations. Both lawsuits were reportedly filed on Monday.

Grossberg has significant experience at Fox, working behind the scenes on both Maria Bartiromo’s and Tucker Carlson’s shows.

The lawsuits, which were filed in New York and Delaware, allege that Fox News attempted to use Grossberg and Bartiromo as scapegoats for the manner in which the network covered Dominion Voting Systems.

However Grossberg’s new lawsuit also contains a number of  other explosive allegations as well.

Here are seven of the most wild and salacious allegations in Grossberg’s new lawsuits against Fox News:

Allegation 1: The head producer for Carlson’s show allegedly inquired as to whether or not Bartiromo was sexually involved with Kevin McCarthy.

Allegation 2: that members of Carlson’s team participated in a sex-related game in which they were asked to choose between having sex with Republican opponent against Whitmer in 2022 Tudor Dixon or with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer herself.

Allegations 3: The third allegation is that members of Carlson’s crew frequently made inappropriate and potentially racist jokes about Jewish people.

Allegation 4: Somewhere in the studio where Carlson’s show is produced , there were pictures of Nancy Pelosi wearing a provocative and revealing bathing suit.

Allegation 5: Bartiromo was referred to by the upper management of Fox News as a “crazy bitch.”

Allegation 6: The sexual harassment of female employees at Fox News was done in the open.

Allegation 7: Grossberg and Bartiromo were put up by lawyers for Fox News in order to shoulder the blame for the network’s coverage of Dominion.

So far none of the allegations made by Grossberg in her two lawsuits have been verified, but more information on each of the allegations are likely to come to light as the proceedings continue.

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