Store Owners Use Guns to Protect Their Property From Mob of Looters in Aftermath of Historic Blizzard.

[Photo Credit: By Andre Carrotflower - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=115137835]

According to a new report, a local citizen took up guns to deter looter from ransacking his business amid the mayhem that erupted after a fatal bomb cyclone slammed the city of Buffalo.

The event occurred when a would-be looter attempted to break into a business in the city’s Pine Hill district, according to a video shared to Twitter on Monday.

At that time, an unidentified armed local intervened.

Several individuals can be seen on video sprinting across the parking lot of Skys the Limit Hair & Beauty after the accused suspect.

According to the person filming the event, several of the locals were wielding sticks and brooms, while one man was carrying a firearm.

As of Wednesday, the Buffalo Police Department said that nine people had been apprehended in connection with the reported looting.

An arctic snowstorm hit North America over the Christmas holiday, killing 38 people in the United States and Canada as of Monday.

Buffalo was particularly heavily struck, with almost 30,000 households losing power.

As the city’s driving restriction remained in effect Wednesday, over 600 National Guard personnel were assigned to conduct health checks.

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