Trump Announces His Intention to Have Haley Join His Team

[Photo Credit: By Glenn Youngkin -, CC BY-SA 4.0,]

On Thursday, former President Trump responded to Nikki Haley’s assertion that she will vote for him in November by stating that she is “going to be on our team in some form.”

Haley initially challenged him for the GOP nomination.

Following his campaign rally in the South Bronx of New York City, Trump declared that he and the former U.N. ambassador subscribe to the same “ideas.” In addition, he commended Haley for her “capacity.”

“Well, I think she’s gonna be on our team because we have a lot of the same ideas, same thoughts,” Trump said.

“I appreciated what she said. You know, we had a nasty campaign. It was pretty nasty. But she’s a very capable person, and I’m sure she’s going to be on our team in some form. Absolutely.”  he continued.

Haley recently expressed her desire to vote for the former President on Wednesday, in spite of the contentious primary campaign they had previously engaged in.

Although she refrained from providing a comprehensive endorsement of the presumptive GOP nominee, she declared that she would vote for him, as President Biden has been “a catastrophe.”

Haley, who withdrew her candidacy for the presidency in March, also urged Trump to engage with the millions of voters who backed her in the Republican primary campaigns.

Trump declined to disclose his choice for vice president during the interview on Thursday; however, he did provide a list of potential candidates.

The former president indicated last month that there was a “ery high probability that he would disclose his choice of running mate at the Republican National Convention in July.

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