Governor Doug Burgum Promotes Trump’s 2024 Campaign During Recent Fox Appearance

[Photo Credit: By Maryland GovPics - NGA Reception, CC BY 2.0,]

Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota encouraged billionaires to back former President Donald Trump for the sake of American economic prosperity during a recent Fox News appearance.

Burgum, a billionaire who ran for the Republican presidential nomination this year, was on Fox News’s “The Ingraham Angle” on Tuesday.

“Your message to billionaires across this country. So many of them are adamantly supporting Biden still, especially the Wall Street types. I know you know a lot of these folks. What’s your message?” Ingraham asked.

“Well, I wish that they had gotten the opportunity to know President Trump the way the First Lady and I have because when you see someone who cares this deeply about this country, what he’s going through, and what the Democrats and the liberal media is putting him through, and how he gets up and fights for everyday people in America every day.” Burgum said in response.

“And then his policies are all in the right direction. If you’re a billionaire and you care about your shareholders, you care about your family, you care about your grandkids, you should be voting for someone that’s going to bring prosperity to America and peace to the world. That’s what President Trump is going to do. That’s what he did for us when he was president.” he continued.

It was a little different when the governor spoke before. Burgum made it clear in July that he would never do business with Trump.

The former president is being charged with 88 crimes in four different places, he has pleaded not guilty to all of them.

Trump is set to run against President Joe Biden again in the upcoming 2024 Presidential race.

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