College Democrats Condemn Joe Biden

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One of the organizations the Joe Biden will depend on for his reelection in November has called him out, denouncing the president for his inability to win a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. The denunciation of the president comes as more and more young Americans appear to be moving towards supporting Trump in 2024.

Hamas has so far rejected all ceasefire proposals, not that young liberals care.

The New York Times story describing the anger of the Democratic Party’s pro-Hamas base likely did not sit well with a White House that seems intent on bending over backward for them, even if it risks the lives of American soldiers. 

College Democrats of America, the student organization of the Democratic Party, endorsed pro-Palestinian campus protests on Tuesday and called on President Biden to support a permanent cease-fire in Gaza.

In a statement approved by the organization’s executive board by a vote of 8 to 2, the College Democrats praised student protesters for having “the moral clarity to see this war for what it is: destructive, genocidal and unjust,” and condemned college administrators for suspending and calling in the police to arrest them.

The statement denounced “MAGA Republicans and many other lawmakers for smearing all protesters as hateful.” It condemned rising incidents of antisemitism and Islamophobia, saying, “We find all calls for violence, such as those against Jewish and Muslim students, wrong; those spreading hate have no place in the movement for peace.” But it added, “Calling for the freedom of Palestinians is not antisemitic, and neither is opposing the genocidal acts of the far-right radical extremist Israeli government.”

And it criticized Mr. Biden and many other elected Democrats for not uniting behind calls for an immediate, permanent cease-fire — accompanied by the release of all hostages taken by Hamas — and for a rapid push to reach a two-state solution that recognizes an independent Palestinian state.

The attack on Biden comes as Columbia University has become the epicenter of pro-Hamas movements on campus. Yesterday, after the group stormed a university building and allegedly held three workers hostage, the NYPD began, finally, arresting protesters.  

The president and his campaign staff truly believe that the youth vote cares more about Israel and student loans than they do about being able to afford groceries or buy a starter home, which flies in the face of all polling. 

Newsweek reported that “the annual Harvard Youth Poll, run by the Institute of Politics (IOP) at Harvard’s Kennedy School, surveys Americans between the ages of 18- and 29-years-old about the issues that matter most to them. This year’s poll found that young people are much closer in their concerns to the broader electorate than media reports may suggest, with inflation, health care and housing topping their list, followed by gun violence.

The survey identified 16 current issues facing the U.S., asking respondents which of two randomly paired issues most concerned them. Inflation came out on top, with 64 percent of respondents rating it as more important than whatever issue it was matched against.

The conflict in the Middle East ranked near the bottom of young Americans’ concerns at 15th, with 34 percent of respondents choosing it over whatever randomly selected issue it was matched against. The only issue that ranked lower was student debt, which came in dead last at 26 percent.

Climate change, another issue often cited as a concern for Gen Z and Millennials, ranked just a touch higher than Israel, at 13th—about the same as taxes.”

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