Conservative Leader in Canada Booted From House of Commons for Daring to Criticize Trudeau

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After a tense argument, Canadian Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre was kicked out of the House of Commons for the day on Tuesday.

He refused the House Speaker’s request that he take down from the record his comment that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was “wacko” and “extremist.”

Poilievre called the government’s drug policy a “wacko policy [pushed] by this wacko prime minister” during a question time in the House of Commons.

This made his conservative colleagues cheer. But Liberal Party Speaker Greg Fergus didn’t like Poilievre’s comment and told him to take it back because it was “unparliamentary language.”

“There are a couple of things that are going on here today that are not acceptable,” Fergus said. “And I ask all members, please, to control themselves. I’m going to ask the honorable leader of the opposition to withdraw that term which is not considered parliamentary,” Fergus said.

However, Poilievre refused and was subsequently kicked out.

As soon as Poilievre was kicked out, the whole Conservative Party group left the House.

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