Illegal Immigrants Thank President For Allowing Them To Enter United States

[© Tomas Castelazo, / Wikimedia Commons]

They know who to thank, at least. Amid rumors that the White House will issue a huge amnesty to illegal immigrants in the United States before the election, those arriving on the border in southern California began thanking the White House during a recent interview. 

The White House, no doubt, appreciates the gratitude from the Americans that Democrats “care about the most.”

The Daily Caller detailed how grateful some of the illegal immigrants showing up on the border are for President Biden’s immigration stance.

“Thank you America, thank you American president,” an Indian migrant said after the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) dropped him off, allowing him to enter the U.S., according to the outlet.

Other migrants being dropped off reportedly told the outlet they were from various countries, including China, India, Egypt, Jordan, Mauritania and Colombia.

The San Diego Sector’s processing facilities are experiencing carrying capacities of 245%, with facilities designed to hold 750 migrants at most now holding 1,812 migrants, the outlet reported. The sector has eight stations, according to CBP.

A family of Chinese migrants told the outlet they followed a route shared with them in China which led them through Thailand and Turkey and cost them $70,000. They were in the U.S. to visit relatives, the outlet reported.

The immigrants are taking advantage of a policy that prevents them from being held for more than 72 hours. After waiting for three days, they’re released into the United States. 

Roughly 125,000 migrants have been released onto San Diego’s streets since September 2023, according to some reports.

Illegal immigrants love Democrats. In Denver, wrote America’s News Brief,  the city has begun to defund its police and fire departments in order to provide housing and other funds to migrants who have come to take advantage of the city’s “sanctuary city” status. 

Earlier in the year, the mayor of the Mile High City joined leaders from Chicago and New York to ask for more federal funds to funnel to illegal immigrants, calling it a crisis. 

They have not considered changing the “sanctuary” status of their cities and work the Custom and Border Patrol to help stem the millions who enter the United States under Biden’s leadership. 

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