Trump Slams ‘Stupid’ Dem Backed Border Bill

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

On Wednesday, lawmakers were urged by former President Donald Trump, who is currently campaigning for re-election to the White House, to reject an unreleased measure that seeks to merge border security reforms with assistance for Israel and Ukraine.

A post on Truth Social by Trump criticized a section that, according to Fox News, would require a seven-day rolling average to surpass 5,000 encounters per day in order to authorize swift removal of migrants at the border in a manner similar to Title 42.

“The illegal Aliens that are pouring into our Country are taking over our cities and attacking our police. They are forming gangs, and they are tough. Close the Border, you do not need a ridiculous Border Bill that will allow 5000 people into our Country a day. Call it the ‘Stupid Bill’ and make sure it doesn’t get passed. It will make things MUCH WORSE. CLOSE THE SOUTHERN BORDER, NO BILL NECESSARY!!!” Trump said on his Truth Social account.

In addition to border security and humanitarian aid, President Joe Biden’s request for approximately $106 billion in supplemental funds to support U.S. allies (Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan) last year prompted bipartisan Senate discussions on the attachment of immigration reforms sought by Republicans.

Biden has expressed support for the undertaking, whereas Trump has urged Republicans to avoid reaching a compromise.

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