Fox Drops Guest Kurt Schlichter Live On-Air After He Launches Into Rant About the Roman Empire

[Photo Credit: By Spud of Inside Cable news - Inside Cable news, CC BY 2.0,]

on Tuesday, Fox News suddenly dropped its connection with guest Kurt Schlichter after a recent tirade in which he advocated for the United States to emulate the Romans by “flexing those muscles.”

After three U.S. troops were injured in Iraq by a drone strike, former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany interviewed Schlichter, an army veteran and senior columnist for Townhall, in place of Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham.

“Kurt, you served yourself and now we have a soldier in critical condition, a U.S. service member,” McEnany said.

“Why are these people still breathing, Kayleigh? Look, I was there in Desert Storm, the last time we unequivocally won a major war, and you know in the wake of that, after we wiped out dozens of divisions in about a hundred hours, no one would screw with us. If you want to have power, you need to execute, ok? You need to use it. You need to flex those muscles.” Schlichter said.

“Look, the Romans understood how this stuff works. If you messed with a Roman citizen, game over buddy! Carthage time. It’s done. And we need to reestablish that here. There’s nothing wrong with protecting Americans. But you have Americans getting shot at by the Houthis, wherever the hell they are; a bunch of scummy bandits in Syria and Iraq; you have Palestinians daring to take hostage and murder Americans and–” he continued before being suddenly dropped.

Schlichter’s connection abruptly severed, leaving McEnany speechless and unsure of what to say next.

“We lost Kurt Schlichter there, but we will show you this. Biden’s climate czar and fellow octogenarian John Kerry, he had this to say,” McEnany said.

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