‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Blast Biden For Taking Vacation to Escape From String of Crises

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

During the opening segment of Wednesday morning’s episode, the hosts of Fox & Friends criticized President Joe Biden for taking a Caribbean vacation during a time of crisis.

As they did last year, the president and first lady Jill Biden will usher in the new year from St. Croix. Griff Jenkins, guest presenter of Fox & Friends, informed viewers.

“President Biden heading to St. Croix, to the Virgin Islands, to escape the mounting crises: the U.S. troops being attacked in the Middle East, the southern border which is on fire, and of course, possible impeachment as the House looks like they are moving forward on the inquiry.” he said.

“To be fair to the president, he has gone for man years to the St. Croix to ring in the new year. It’s just, it’s that age old question and other president have faced it: when is the situation for the country in dire enough cases you shouldn’t be seen. Maybe it’s a bad look to be on a beach in the Caribbean, a luxury that many Americans and us right now can’t afford while these things are happening?” he continued.

Joey Jones, who was also serving as a guest presenter on the program while the regular hosts were on vacation, was more lenient towards the current president.

“I don’t mind somebody going on vacation, taking the time they need. At his age, he needs more time.” they remarked.

A recent conversation with an Israeli-American citizen, according to Carley Shimkus, advised Vice President Biden not to take a vacation until every American captive is liberated.

All three hosts agreed that it would be ‘optically’ better for Biden to remain in the White House.

“If I were the president’s adviser. I would walk in there and say ‘Mr. President, you are the commander-in-chief. You have an American critically wounded. If he dies or any other in these repeated attacks, that’s the red line… That’s why you don’t get on a plane and head to the Caribbean when you have a critically injured American.” Jenkins concluded.

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