Senator Tommy Tuberville Ends His Opposition to Military Promotions

[Photo Credit: By TSgt. Jack Sanders, U.S. Air Force -, Public Domain,]

On Tuesday, Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Alabama) declared the conclusion of a months-long blockade on the promotion of hundreds of military personnel.

Tuberville stated that he is supporting an idea put forth by Senators Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska) that would release all of his restrictions on military officers with three stars or fewer.

“I am not going to hold the promotions of these people any longer. We just released them,” Tuberville said.

The nomination process for the approximately ten officers and four-star generals will remain on pause.

A last-year-enacted Pentagon policy permitting reimbursement of travel expenses for service members seeking abortion care was the subject of the dispute.

The holds persisted for an approximate duration of ten months and proved to be a source of contention within the Senate GOP conference, as numerous members were hesitant to make a stance opposing abortion or serving in the military.

As Senate Democrats planned to conduct a vote in the coming weeks to temporarily alter the rules of the upper chamber in order to expedite the more than 400 nominees who were being impacted, the pressure on Tuberville to alter his strategies only increased.

Conservatives were also divided against Tuberville due to his holds. In recent weeks, Sullivan, Ernst, and several other Republican members with military experience had attempted to pass individual promotions on the Senate floor twice, essentially bringing the dispute to light.

In recent months, Senate leaders have taken individual action on a number of critical military posts in response to the Alabama Republican’s military obstruction.

The upper chamber also conducted ad hoc votes on the commandant of the Marine Corps, the chief of staff of the Army, the commander of naval operations of the Air Force, and the second-in-command of the Marine Corps, in addition to CQ Brown Jr.’s nomination to head the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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