Report: Law Enforcement Being ‘Overwhelmed’ By Border Surge

[White House photo, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

According to several very frustrated federal officials, instead of focusing on crime prevention, air marshals and Homeland Security agents are assisting Border Patrol “babysit” those entering the United States illegally near Tucson, Arizona. 

The border of the Grand Canyon State has seen a massive increase in activity, as, according to Fox News, “mainly adult male migrants from across the globe, including countries in Africa and the Middle East — just as the state’s Tucson Sector has seen record numbers of crossings in recent days.”

In an exclusive investigation, The Daily Caller reports

A migrant surge in the Tucson sector has overwhelmed Border Patrol agents, who have seen the cancellation of training exercises, a checkpoint closure, a port of entry closure and the temporary shut-down of some social media, according to internal agency communications recently obtained by the DCNF. Air marshals and HSI agents are helping pick up the slack that Border Patrol can’t address due to the surge and a lack of resources, two Border Patrol agents and a federal law enforcement official with knowledge of the situation told the DCNF.

One Border Patrol agent familiar with the situation said HSI is essentially “babysitting” all day.

“They’re helping with transport [of illegal immigrants] and security of overflow area, absolutely nothing related to HSI work, 100% babysitting,” the agent, who requested anonymity because they’re not authorized to speak publicly, told the DCNF, adding that some HSI agents are having to accompany illegal immigrants to the hospital.

A federal law enforcement official with knowledge of the situation confirmed the duties of HSI to the DCNF, which include transportation and watching illegal immigrants in custody in the Tucson sector.

The pressure on the border comes as House Republicans have met resistance from the White House and Senate Democrats in their effort to tie U.S. border and immigration policy to the passage of tens of billions of dollars in aid sought by Ukraine.

Even moderate Republicans have stood strong, demanding that no more money go to Ukraine without at least attempting to address the problems occurring across the southern border 

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