Pro-Palestine Mob Attacks Jews Outside Museum of Tolerance In LA For Gadot Screening

[Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons]

It was a reminder of just how depraved the October 7 attack against civilians by Hamas really was, and she believed she had to show it to the world. That’s why at the Los Angeles Museum of Tolerance, Israeli actress Gal Gadot screened the film “Bearing Witness to the October 7 Massacre,” a 45-minute-long compilation of videos shot by Hamas terrorists during their attack. The disturbing footage shows graphic images of murder and destruction, including children being shot and killed in their pajamas.

Amnon Shefler, the international spokesman for the IDF, told Fox News, “They were proud of the depravity and wanted the world to know what they did.”

The reporter for the news channel documenting the event also put things into context for why the film was so necessary. “My grandfather, Avraham Greenbaum, was a chaplain in the British army during the liberation of the concentration camps. He enabled the documentation of much of the Nazis’ atrocities. This proof, he thought, would silence those who might deny what Jew-hatred had wrought. Mercifully, he’s not around to see the unabashed denial on display around the country.

The mental gymnastics are offensive. First, they claimed they wanted to see the footage. Then they claimed the images were AI-generated. Then they demanded photos from the funerals, which they also deemed fake. We were told not all the 40 babies were beheaded. Some of them were just shot.

They said Hamas doesn’t have hostages, but somehow they are taking good care of the hostages. They said Hamas’s actions on Oct. 7 weren’t all that bad, but if they were bad, they were justified.”

Writing in The National Post, Jesse Kline, who also attended the screening, agreed, saying, “After witnessing these horrors, it’s hard to disagree with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s characterization of this as a “battle between civilization and barbarism.” Which is clearly why Israeli officials have been screening this video for members of the foreign press over the past weeks.”

For him, and all the other attendees, it made what was happening right outside the theater doors even more sickening.

As journalists watched the horrors of Hamas on the big screen–despite being invited by the “Wonder Woman” star, no celebrities showed up to the screening–a mob of Pro-Palestine supporters attacked peacefully protesting Jews outside the Museum of Tolerance.

What attendees of the screening were seeing and what they were hearing outside went hand-in-hand. Fox News noted that “one attendee, Eve Barlow, remarked on X that they could hear the chants of protesters outside alongside the film. They reminded attendees that Jew-hatred isn’t just confined to the Middle East, but right at their front door — literally.”

The Washington Free Beacon explained that “the attack took place amid a dramatic surge in anti-Semitic violence across the country and throughout the world following the Hamas attack on Israel, which took the lives of more than 1,400 Israelis, mostly civilians.

An elderly Jewish man died this week after being ‘struck in the head by a megaphone wielded by a pro-Palestinian protestor’ in Ventura County outside Los Angeles. Police are investigating his death as a homicide.

Two weeks earlier, Los Angeles police arrested a man who allegedly broke into a Jewish family’s home and threatened to kill them. The suspect, Daniel Garcia, was filmed yelling ‘Free Palestine’ as police took him into custody.

The pro-terrorist goons,” the newspaper concluded, “were enraged by a film that provides irrefutable evidence of Hamas atrocities that many of the group’s supporters have dismissed as Israeli propaganda.”

It’s hard to disagree.

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