Far-Left Protestors Disrupt Speech by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell

[Photo Credit: By Federalreserve - A7R08527, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=82400510]

After a group of climate protestors disrupted Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s speech on Thursday, security had to carry him away for his own safety.

The disturbance happened during a panel discussion on monetary policy at the Washington, D.C., Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference.

A live video feed showed a few people hurriedly rushing onto the stage and yelling as Powell was speaking.

The footage ends just as Powell is being led off the stage and, presumably, into a different room for his protection by a security man who is putting his arms around him.

Then, the audio feed was also stopped.

The video does not appear to show what the protestors were holding, though at the start of the interruption, one could be heard yelling about climate change.

The audience applauded when Powell returned to the stage and the panel continued after a few minutes of interruption.

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