Fox Reporter Turns on Tuberville for Allegedly ‘Hurting’ U.S. Military

[Photo Credit: By TSgt. Jack Sanders, U.S. Air Force -, Public Domain,]

Republican senator from Alabama, Tommy Tuberville, was accused by a Fox News reporter of “hurting [the] military” by stalling nominees.

Hundreds of U.S. military commanders’ nominations have been stalled by Tuberville due to the Department of Defense’s (DOD) policy of paying for the travel costs of female soldiers seeking abortions.

According to Jennifer Griffin, national security correspondent for Fox News, Tuberville’s hold is detrimental to the armed forces, forcing the newly wounded Commandant of the Marine Corps to work two jobs.

“Sen Tuberville still has hold on promotions. He says it’s not hurting [the] military. It is. No vice commandant confirmed so US Marines who are deploying to Mideast have 3 star acting Commandant. Wishing Gen Smith speedy recovery. He was working two jobs due to Tuberville[‘s] hold.” Fox reporter Jennifer Griffin wrote in a tweet.

The regulation was created by the government in February and permits female military personnel to travel if they choose to get an abortion in “non-military facilities.”

Despite the fact that the policy’s overturn would cause Tuberville to release his hold on the confirmations, Austin has strengthened his stance on it.

Republicans claim that the Hyde Amendment, which forbids the use of federal monies for abortion services, is violated by the program.

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