Pence Announces Intention to Challenge Trump Head on at Upcoming Debate

[Photo Credit: By Matt Johnson from Omaha, Nebraska, United States - IMG_3307, CC BY 2.0,]

The first GOP presidential debate will take place this month in Milwaukee, and former Vice President Mike Pence reportedly believes that he’s prepared to face former President Trump one on one in the arena of rhetorical combat.

It is unknown if Pence will join the stage with his former employer, who has not yet said if he would participate in the first debate. Despite a long list of legal issues, Trump is unquestionably the front-runner for the party’s presidential nominee.

Pence made the remarks in an interview with The Hill:

“I think I’ve been preparing for this debate my whole life. I spent a lifetime in the Republican Party and in the conservative movement … I think I’m going to be the most consistent and experienced conservative on that stage.” Pence said.

“My objective is going to be really twofold: Number one … I want the American people to hear my vision for the future of the country. And number two, I want them to hear the choice that they’re facing among the various candidates, including my former running mate, because I think I’m the one voice that wants to keep our party grounded on that broad base conservative agenda that’s always carried us to victory over the last 50 years and will carry us there again,” Pence continued.

“I see my former running mate and other leading candidates in this field that are shying away from those long-standing Republican beliefs, and I’m going to make sure that people that are watching back home understand that we’re the most consistent, proven conservative on that stage and I can’t wait to get there,” Pence concluded later in the interview.

Pence made his comments during on a day-long trip to the Iowa State Fair, where he spoke with Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) earlier in the day and spoke from a platform for politics on Friday.

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