Top Fox Lawyer Reportedly Departing Network

[Photo Credit: By Spud of Inside Cable news - Inside Cable news, CC BY 2.0,]

Viet Dinh, the chief legal officer of Fox Corporation, is reportedly leaving, the business revealed on Friday, in a significant reorganization following the historic $787.5 million settlement it paid to Dominion Voting Systems in April.

According to Fox, Mr. Dinh, a former official in the George W. Bush White House who gained significant authority at Fox, will remain there for the remainder of the year.

During the Dominion action, which showed a pattern of false reporting by Fox News following the 2020 election, Mr. Dinh provided what some business insiders regarded poor counsel.

He argued that Fox was in a strong legal position and could, if necessary, pursue the lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court, where he thought the organization would win on First Amendment grounds.

Fox accepted the deal, but its hosts weren’t obligated to discuss the complaint or provide any public apologies for their on-air remarks.

Days after the agreement was made, Fox fired primetime personality Tucker Carlson, who then launched his own program on X, the website that replaced Twitter.

Since that time, Jesse Watters has taken over Carlson’s former evening time slot.

Among the Fox executives and anchors questioned as part of the lawsuit were Carlson and Dinh.

The mountains of evidence that were made public prior to the settlement included depositions, emails, texts, and other types of contact.

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