Big 10 School Fires Football Coach

[Photo Credit: Eric Fredericks from Rancho Cordova, CA]

In response to recent hazing claims, Northwestern’s head football coach Pat Fitzgerald was reportedly sacked on Monday, according to sources.

Following the conclusion of the university’s inquiry into a hazing allegation made against the program, Fitzgerald was first given a two-week unpaid suspension on Friday, according to ESPN.

According to reports, the institution discovered sufficient proof to back up an allegation made by an anonymous whistleblower.

The school was unable to locate enough proof that the coaches or personnel were aware of the alleged hazing, though.

An article exposing claims of frequent hazing and forced sexual activities on the university’s football team was published on Saturday by The Daily Northwestern.

Fitzgerald said in a statement that he was unaware of any of the alleged hazing on Friday.

Northwestern President Michael Schill commented on the scandal in a letter:

“In determining an appropriate penalty for the head coach, I focused too much on what the report concluded he didn’t know and not enough on what he should have known,” Schill wrote.

“As the head coach of one of our athletics programs, Coach Fitzgerald is not only responsible for what happens within the program but also must take great care to uphold our institutional commitment to the student experience.” he continued.

“Clearly, he failed to uphold that commitment, and I failed to sufficiently consider that failure in levying a sanction,”  Schill added.

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