Top Campaign Guru Abandons Trump to Join DeSantis

[Photo by Gage Skidmore]

A senior official who reportedly worked on former President Donald Trump’s campaign for the 2020 election has joined a political action committee that is lobbying Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to run for president in 2024.

Erin Perrine, who served as the director of press relations for Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, has joined the “Never Back Down” political action committee, which is managed by Ken Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli was a senior official in the Department of Homeland Security under Trump’s administration.

During her time spent working on the Trump presidential campaign, Perrine moved on to become the communications director for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Last week, Never Back Down welcomed on board the chief political strategist for Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, who it has been believed is mulling a run for the White House.

In 2021, Jeff Roe, the creator of Axiom Strategies, played a crucial role in Youngkin’s victory in a state that had turned solidly blue in the preceding years and was now considered a sure bet.

According to an article published by the Washington Post, Roe has stated his support for Youngkin, but he feels that DeSantis is the only possible primary opponent who has a chance of defeating former President Donald Trump.

During an interview with Fox News that took place one month ago, he stated that there is little room for other participants in the upcoming primary contest race, which many anticipate to be primarily a contest between Trump and DeSantis.

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