‘Never Biden’ Voters Could End Reelection Chances

[Pete Souza, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

Despite the numbers, Democrats have been telling themselves for years that Biden can’t possibly be as unpopular as the polls, for years, have suggested. 

The Washington Post writes that “certain Democrats trying to cope with President Biden’s continually underwhelming 2024 poll numbers share an article of faith: the ceiling theory.

All Biden needs to do is rally allies who are unenthusiastic about him — particularly young, Black and Hispanic voters — against Donald Trump. The former president’s ceiling, after all, has proved to be low; he didn’t crack 47 percent in either the 2016 or the 2020 election. And Biden has shown he can win a majority of the popular vote.”

The Daily Caller broke down Biden’s biggest problem that these Democrats don’t want to face. Move over “Never Trump,” a majority in swing states have become “Never Biden” voters. 

Among likely voters living in six key swing states, 51% say there’s “not really any chance” they’d vote for Biden, compared to just 46% saying the same thing about former President Donald Trump, according to a May poll conducted by The New York Times and Siena College. The trend of more voters vowing never to vote for Biden than Trump extends beyond just one poll, with three polls stretching between November 2023 and April all finding more never-Biden voters than never-Trump voters, The Washington Post reported.

The American voter’s refusal to even consider voting for Biden is a reversal of the situation during the 2020 election. when voters consistently reported that they would never vote for Trump at higher rates than they did for Biden, according to the Post.

Both candidates have seen considerable protest votes despite running in virtually uncontested primaries.

Options other than Biden have gotten significant support in a number of Democratic primaries, including in the swing states of Nevada, Michigan and North Carolina. Similarly, Nikki Haley continues to attract double-digit support in Republican presidential primaries despite having dropped out of the race months ago, CNN reported.

On top of Biden having the lowest approvals of any modern president, as time has gone by, voters have also begun to reassess the Trump presidency. 

CNN noted, “During Donald Trump’s four years in the White House, he was famously the only president whose job approval rating never reached 50% in Gallup Organization polls since the firm began systematically tracking that measure in the 1940s.

But now more positive retrospective assessments of Trump’s record in office are setting off warning flares for Democrats — especially as President Joe Biden’s own approval ratings remain stuck at historically low levels. In a CNN poll from April, 55% of Americans said they considered Trump’s presidency a success — a big jump from the 41% who viewed his presidency so positively when he left office in January 2021, according to a CNN survey from the time.”

A recent survey by the New York Times suggested that voters are abandoning Biden in droves as he’s focused on pet issues rather than the issues that Americans care about, mainly inflation and immigration.

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