New Survey Says Why Voters Are Abandoning Biden

[Photo Credit: By The White House - P20220602CS-0134, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=121428074]

Joe Biden’s reelection chances are facing significant hurdles, according to a new survey by The New York Times. 

Voters, particularly those who voted for the Democrat in 2020, are abandoning the president in droves, and in recent interviews, they explained why they were switching back to Trump. 

Their answers were eye openingwrote Fox News. 

The New York Times spoke to a number of swing state voters who explained why they might vote for former President Trump rather than President Biden in 2024, even if they don’t like the man himself. 

“The biggest mistake of my life,” ex-Biden voter and Las Vegas retiree Frederick Westbrook told the Times. Westbrook started driving for Lyft to supplement his income in retirement, the Times reported. 

“As a Black man in America, I felt he was doing unjust things,” he said regarding Trump. “He’s got a big mouth, he’s not a nice person.” 

“Everything is just about the economy,” Westbrook continued. “I don’t really trust Donald Trump at all. just think housing, food, my car, my insurance, every single piece of living has gone up.”

The survey also revealed Trump pulling away in several swing states. 

Biden’s problems may also impact Senate Democrats seeking reelection. 

As Biden struggles against Trump, the same polls have shown Senate Democrats doing much better throughout the same states states. 

“The numbers could paint a rosy picture for Senate Democrats,” The Daily Caller explained, “but several strategists told the Daily Caller it could be fool’s gold, adding that an unpopular Biden could affect Democrats down ballot as the election goes on.

“It shows you the depths of disappointment that most voters have with Biden, whether they’re Democrats or Republicans. There’s just a lot of disappointment in Biden. If I were Biden, I would be extremely alarmed by this gap that you’ve got voters out there saying, ‘yeah, I’d like to vote for this Democratic senator, but not Joe Biden.’ That is a huge red flag for them,” longtime Kentucky Republican strategist Scott Jennings told The Daily Caller.

Controlled by his young, liberal staff, the president has been unable to focus on the issues that voters care about, such as immigration and the economy. Instead, his administration focuses on niche topic that young leftwingers care about: 

USA Today summed up his problem: “Between persistent inflation, left-wing wedge issues like the war in Gaza and of course his very advanced age, Biden is less qualified now than he was four years ago to make the case that he’s the fitter of the two candidates. Despite his best efforts to turn the race into another referendum on Trump, the data suggests that for most voters it’s more of a referendum on the incumbent, as reelection bids tend to be.”