Rep. Rich McCormick Files for Divorce From Wife After Affair With Fellow Member of Congress Revealed

[Photo Credit: By Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America - Beth Van Duyne, CC BY-SA 2.0,]

Georgia Republican Rep. Rich McCormick and his oncologist spouse, Dr. Debra Miller, have separated after 12 years of matrimony and less than two years into their congressional careers.

The lawsuit was initiated on May 3 by McCormick. Additionally, a joint restraining order was issued.

McCormick, 55, and Miller, his second wife, reside in Suwanee, Georgia, and have seven children together.

McCormick, according to Capitol Hill insiders, has frequently been observed behaving excessively cordially toward Texas Republican Housewoman Beth Van Duyne.

Van Duyne and her ex-husband of seventeen years have been divorced since 2012. Each of them has two offspring with the other.

McCormick was a pilot for the Marine Corps and Navy for more than two decades, in addition to working as an emergency room physician at Gwinnett Medical Center in Georgia.

Since securing his seat in Congress in January 2023, he is in his inaugural term. In the 2020 Georgia congressional election for the 7th District, he was defeated by the Democrat Carolyn Bordeaux.

For her part Van Duyne later confirmed that she and McCormick were currently engaged in an active intimate relationship.

‘His marriage has been over for quite some time as I understand it, he’s filed for divorce.’ Van Duyne said in a statement to The Daily Mail.

‘I’m single. We’re both parents of adult children and empty nesters. We are happily engaged in a relationship and beyond that it’s a personal issue.’ she added.

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