North Carolina Moves to Ban All Masks in Public

[Photo Credit: By David Wilson from Oak Park, Illinois, USA - 20201017 05 MIchigan Ave., CC BY 2.0,]

Wednesday, the North Carolina state Senate voted along party lines to prohibit the public use of masks, including those worn for health reasons.

The prohibition, according to Republican proponents, would assist law enforcement in cracking down on mask-wearing protesters.

Demonstrators are allegedly using methods that were prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic to conceal their identities in the wake of a surge of pro-Palestine demonstrations at universities in North Carolina and across the nation.

Furthermore, the measure eliminates a state law exception that has existed since the earliest days of the pandemic and permits individuals to wear masks in public for reasons of health and safety.

House Bill 237 was approved by thirty senators, with fifteen opting against it and five remaining absent.

Particularly for those who are immunocompromised or who may wish to continue wearing masks during cancer treatments, Democrats raised concerns about the bill.

The bill proposes that an arrest for protesting while disguised would result in an increased criminal classification of the individual’s offense, from misdemeanor to felony, by one class.

It is now en route to the desk of Governor Roy Cooper.

The measure could be vetoed by Cooper, a Democrat, but the North Carolina Republican Party has a supermajority and can therefore override the veto.

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