Trump Gets Huge Influx Of Cash From Jewish Republicans Sick Of Dem Antisemitism

[U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons Photo credit: Matty Stern/U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv

Joe Biden’s waffling on supporting Israel is beginning to have electoral consequences he likely did not expect. Although the president seems to believe that siding with Hamas will help him win Michigan and Minnesota crucial electoral votes, it appears now that the Jewish vote has grown tired of his party’s growing antisemitism is not working out. 

A leading grassroots organization representing Jewish Republicans has announced it has had one of its most extensive fundraising drives in history and will be spending more than ever to help Donald Trump beat Biden this fall.

Fox News writes:

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC), in an announcement shared first with Fox News on Thursday, highlighted that it is committed to raising a minimum of $5 million – from its donors and from its RJC Victory Fund super PAC – to help elect former President Trump in his November White House rematch with President Biden.

RJC national political director Sam Markstein highlighted that this “will be the RJC’s largest effort ever to mobilize support in the Jewish community for President Trump.”

Additionally, Markstein noted that the announcement is “in addition to our $15 million independent expenditure,” which he characterized as the largest independent expenditure in the organization’s history.

“As antisemitism spikes to record highs and America’s relationship with our ally Israel continues to reach new lows, the Jewish community is more energized than ever to turn the page from the failures, broken promises, and betrayals by Joe Biden. November 5 cannot come soon enough,” Markstein argued.

Biden has recently turned his back on the growing antisemitism happening on college campuses, and, in fact, some would say that he has helped fund them. As part of his effort to push “climate justice,” the EPA gave $50 million dollars to a group that protests climate change by demanding a “free Palestine.” 

The Jewish vote has been a major part of the Democratic coalition for decades. In 2020, Joe Biden received roughly three-quarters of the Jewish vote. 

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