Stormy Daniels’ Husband Declares They Will Leave U.S. if Trump is Acquitted

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Barrett Blade, the spouse of Stormy Daniels, stated to CNN that he and his spouse will likely leave the country if Donald Trump is not found guilty in the hush money trial.

More than thirty felony counts have been brought against the former president in connection with the falsification of business records.

He stands accused of facilitating hush money payments to Daniels via associates in an effort to conceal an alleged affair.

Trump has denied any awareness of such payments or the existence of an affair.

Tuesday, Blade appeared on Erin Burnett’s CNN program to comment on the ongoing Manhattan trial in which his wife recently testified.

Daniels asserts. Trump had a sexual encounter with her in 2006, during her marriage to Blade.

Allegedly, hush money payments were subsequently disbursed during the onset of Trump’s inaugural presidential campaign.

For his part, Trump has consistently refuted the existence of the affair.

“I don’t think it gets better for her. I think if it’s not guilty, we got to decide what to do. Good chance we’ll probably vacate this country,” Blade said.

“I don’t see it as a win situation either way. I know that we would like to get on with our lives. I know that she wants to move past this. We just want to do what I guess you’d say normal people get to do in some aspects but I don’t know if that ever will be, you know, and it breaks my heart.” he continued.

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