Broadway Musical Produced by Hillary Clinton Bombs

[Photo Credit: By Lashaull - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,]

The Broadway musical “Suffs,” which was produced by Hillary Clinton and is based on the suffragette movement of the early 1900s, has not sold out of its allotted seats and is therefore a failure.

The Broadway stage production, which was co-produced by Clinton and Malala Yousafzai, had the least number of spectators (23.3 percent) among all 35 productions during the week ending May 5th.

The official website of the Broadway Theatre’s Industry reports that during that week, “Suffs” only achieved an 81% capacity for its eight performances.

The subsequent week, which concluded on May 12, the musical’s attendance dropped to 78% of its total 7,784 seats across all performances.

Leigh Silverman directed the musical, which Shaina Taub, a singer-songwriter, penned.

In addition to Jill Furman and Rachel Sussman, co-producers Clinton and Yousafzai are also involved in its production.

One of the more recent productions to debut on Broadway, it commenced its official run a month ago.

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