Bill O’Reilly Tells Trump to Avoid ‘Crazyland’ During Campaign Season

[Photo Credit: By Chris McCann (US Army) - Striker dining facility becomes No-Spin Zone,, Public Domain,]

Bill O’Reilly advised Donald Trump to avoid “crazy land” during his upcoming 2024 campaign, stating that a victory in November will be possible if he can just distinguish himself from Biden.

On Monday, O’Reilly appeared on NewsNation with Leland Vittert, where he discussed the former president’s campaigning while subject to a court restraining order in his Manhattan hush money trial.

Ten violations of the gag order, which prohibit him from verbally assaulting individuals involved in the trial, have so far been discovered.

The anchor of On Balance questioned O’Reilly as to whether “undisciplined Trump” during his campaign is precisely what Biden needs to gain ground in the polls.

“It doesn’t matter because people are numb to it. They’re numb to it, alright? He’s entertaining to the people who like him. I mean, it’s like The Apprentice 8. He’s up there just blasting people, but the real advantage Donald Trump has is that the Biden presidency is blowing up before our eyes.” O’Reilly said.

The frequent guest on News Nation also remarked that Trump’s recent remarks have been “absurd.”

However, in regards to the border, Israel, and inflation, Trump has the upper hand over Biden, according to O’Reilly.

O’Reilly went on to accuse Biden of “playing to the far, far left” and losing support from the general public by threatening to withhold Israeli munitions in the event that the country launches an all-out assault on Rafah.

“He should exploit that and stay out of crazy land, but as you point out, that’s easier said than done for Donald Trump,” O’Reilly concluded.

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