Former House Speaker Paul Ryan Declares He Won’t Vote for Trump in 2024

[Photo Credit: By Tony Alter - Flickr: Congressman Paul Ryan (R,Wisconsin), CC BY 2.0,]

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) reportedly stated on Tuesday that he will not be casting his November ballot in support of former President Trump. Instead, he suggested that he would write in another candidate.

Former President Ryan, who presided over the Republican House majority for the first two years of his presidency, has expressed strong disapproval towards the former leader.

“Character is too important to me. And it’s a job that requires the kind of character that he just doesn’t have.” Ryan said during a recent conversation with Yahoo Finance.

“Having said that, I really disagree with [President Biden] on policy. I wrote in a Republican the last time, I’m gonna write in a Republican this time.” he continued.

Ryan has attempted to claim that Trump is a “authoritarian narcissist” and not a “conservative.” He has supported the positions of former Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney and Illinois Senator Adam Kinzinger for standing up to the former president.

The former Speaker has also claimed that Biden’s victory in the 2020 election was legitimate.

After twenty years in Congress, Ryan resigned as the representative for Wisconsin’s 1st District.

Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) nominated him as his running candidate for the 2012 presidential nomination.

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