Governor Doug Burgum Defends Trump As New York Trial Continues

[Photo Credit: By North Dakota National Guard -, Public Domain,]

On Sunday, Republican Governor of North Dakota Doug Burgum reportedly defended former President Donald Trump against the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office’s criminal charges.

During an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union” anchor Jake Tapper, Burgum attributed the remarks.

“I’m a business guy. This is a business filing case. If it was anybody other than a presidential candidate, this would be a misdemeanor. How it got turned into 34 felonies, when there isn’t even the alleged crime, which is — they haven’t even convinced anybody there was a crime.” Burgum said.

“But if it were, it would be a Federal Election Commission crime. And that would be pursued by the federal courts, not by a county DA in New York. And so I think, again, Americans, the outcome of this trial doesn’t affect them.” he continued.

Burgum came out and stated that, in his view, the trial was merely “a spectacle for cable TV, but average Americans have already baked in what they think about President Trump, President Biden, they’re looking at the policies, not at the people, and they were better off under President Trump’s policies.”

“I mean, the American people are the ones that get to decide these elections. But for both parties and for all Americans, we have got to make sure that every county, every precinct is beyond reproach, that everybody can be confident in our country.” Burgum added.

“In North Dakota, we’re doing that. Nobody’s questioning the results of an election in any county or precinct in North Dakota. It can be done. It’s done all over the nation, except, in some cases, we have got — we could have a handful of counties that this election could turn on again, and we have just got to make sure that, when it’s done, both sides feel good about how it was counted.” he concluded.

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