Host Poppy Harlow Leaves CNN

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Poppy Harlow, a CNN anchor, will reportedly be departing from the network, as stated by Mark Thompson, the network’s chief, on Friday’s 9 a.m. editorial call.

Harlow, an experienced CNN journalist with almost twenty years of on-air experience, will be leaving in May.

During her tenure at CNN, Harlow largely held the position of an anchor on the dayside schedule.

Esteemed within the network, she has served as the host of a podcast focused on influential business figures, conducting interviews with notable individuals such as Jamie Dimon and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Her tenure at CNN started to decline when she was appointed as the co-host of CNN This Morning, a prominent morning program created by former CNN executive Chris Licht.

She shared the hosting duties with Don Lemon and Kaitlan Collins.

The broadcast will be seen as arguably the most significant disappointment of the brief Licht era at CNN.

The show was ultimately ruined by on-air conflicts and difficulties behind the scenes, leading to its downfall when Licht terminated Lemon and reassigned Collins to a prime time slot.

In the subsequent iteration of the program, Harlow and Phil Mattingly co-hosted the show.

However, under Thompson’s guidance, CNN This Morning underwent restructuring, resulting in both anchors being reassigned to other positions.

So far she has refrained from disclosing what her next move might be.

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