Biden Claims He is ‘Happy’ to Debate Trump

[Photo Credit: By Elvert Barnes -, CC BY-SA 2.0,]

President Biden expressed his willingness to engage in a discussion with former President Donald Trump on Friday.

According to reports, Biden allegedly made the remarks during an interview with radio broadcaster Howard Stern.

“I am somewhere. I don’t know when. I’m happy to debate him.” Biden said.

In late February, following the release of special counsel Robert Hur’s report, which indicated that Biden shown signs of cognitive impairment.

Biden addressed Hur’s findings in an impromptu press conference, where he adamantly asserted that his memory was intact, despite subsequently confusing world leaders.

Prior to the release of the study, Biden gained attention for mentioning conversations with deceased European heads of state, which he said occurred during the specified timeframe.

In 2020, the planned schedule for Trump and Biden included three debates.

However, the second debate was canceled due to Trump’s contraction of COVID-19.

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