Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna Promises Biden’s Poll Numbers Will Improve Once War in Gaza is Finished

[Photo Credit: By Ro Khanna -, Public Domain,]

According to Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA), President Joe Biden’s current polling numbers are expected to see an improvement following the negotiation of a permanent ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

According to a recent poll conducted by Fox News, a majority of registered voters expressed their belief that former President Donald Trump would excel in handling foreign policy matters in comparison to President Biden.

A significant portion of the respondents, around 42%, expressed their belief that Biden would be more effective than Trump in addressing that particular matter.

Nevertheless, in all other areas such as healthcare, election integrity, climate change, and abortion, Biden continues to hold a substantial advantage over Trump.

In the latest general election polling, the former president is currently maintaining a meaningful lead over Biden.

The far left California representative recently appeared in an interview with Fox News anchor Shannon Bream, sharing his thoughts on the network’s most recent poll.

The California lawmaker attempted to suggest that there is potential for a shift in Biden’s approval ratings in the coming months.

“What do you make of that? Americans don’t think he’s managing this well.” Bream asked.

“I think people realize that there’s a crisis. They see images of, people dying, and they want the war to end. They want Israel to be secure, but they also want Palestinian lives, not to be lost. And I think once the war comes to an end, under the president’s leadership, his numbers will improve, just like his numbers have bounced back on the economy. And in the Bloomberg poll, he’s close the gap in a lot of the swing states.” he concluded.

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