Michael Cohen Issues Warning To Trump

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Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former Mr. Fix It, has a warning for the former president. He’s not going to like his testimony in the hush money case scheduled to start next month. 

The judge in New York overseeing Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case involving hush money and former President Trump recently dismissed the 2024 GOP presumptive nominee’s plea for an extended trial delay. The trial will begin on April 15. 

Raw Story writes that Michael Cohen now plans to go after his one-time employer when he takes the stand. 

“What should Trump fear most about April 15th? asked Psaki, who previously served as White House press secretary in the Biden administration. “I mean, this trial date is set. What should he worry about?”

“He should be worried about the Manhattan District Attorney, the District Attorney of New York prosecutors,” said Cohen. “He should worry about the documentary evidence, he should be worried about all of the witnesses that will be coming into the trial, simply because as others have also appropriately put it, this is a very simple case.”

In recent months, the former president has done everything in his power to try to discredit Cohen, who went to prison for bank and tax offenses over the hush payment scheme several years prior.

Trump, who pleaded not guilty to charges levied by Bragg, has painted Cohen as a liar who cannot be trusted, and has even attempted, unsuccessfully, to implicate him in the Trump Organization civil fraud case.

Of all the cases liberal prosecutors have thrown at the former president. Alvin Bragg’s is by far the weakest. The “hush money” charges have been criticized across the political spectrum. Liberals from Ruth Marcus and Ian Millhiser to conservatives like Mitt Romney and Andrew McCarthy have all used words like “dubious” and “dangerous” to describe the Manhattan DA’s charges.

Cohen may be facing criminal charges himself soon. “A federal judge suggested Wednesday that Michael Cohen committed perjury under oath, giving fresh support to former President Donald Trump’s claims that his onetime personal lawyer — poised to be a star prosecution witness at his upcoming New York criminal trial — is an untrustworthy liar.

Judge Jesse M. Furman in Manhattan questioned Cohen’s truthfulness in a written order denying his request for early release from the court supervision that followed his three-year prison sentence for crimes including tax evasion, lying to banks and Congress and violating campaign finance laws.

Furman cited Cohen’s testimony at Trump’s civil fraud trial in a Manhattan state court last October. On the witness stand, Cohen insisted he wasn’t actually guilty of tax evasion even though he pleaded guilty to the charge in 2018,” wrote The Associated Press.

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