Judge Sets Date For Trial in Trump ‘Hush Money’ Case

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A trial date has now reportedly been set by a judge in New York for the hush money case involving former President Trump.

The trial is now scheduled to begin on April 15, ensuring that his first criminal trial will proceed this spring despite a recent delay.

In a move reminiscent of a high-stakes legal drama, President Trump has made a bold request to the judge overseeing his criminal cases.

Seeking to delay the proceedings until after the election, Trump is urging the judge to dismiss his case based on newly discovered documents.

Alternatively, he is calling for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to face sanctions and for the trial to be postponed.

In a recent hearing, Judge Juan Merchan dismissed all of the requests, ruling in favor of Bragg by declining to prolong the trial into the campaign season.

Instead, he scheduled jury selection for April 15.

The start of Trump’s trial was originally set for Monday, but Bragg’s office agreed to a delay of several weeks just before it was supposed to begin.

Following the delivery of over 100,000 pages of records in recent weeks, a scheduling hiccup occurred.

The parties have been pointing fingers at each other regarding the delayed disclosure of the documents.

The trial did not commence on Monday as planned, as the parties gathered to address the issue surrounding the documents.

During the hearing, Trump was accompanied by a group of his lawyers.

He would occasionally whisper to them, but for the most part, he remained expressionless. He reclined in his seat throughout the hearing, gazing forward at the judge.

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