Trump Claims He May Have to Sell Assets at ‘Firesale’ If Forced to Pay $464 Million Bond

[Photo by Gage Skidmore]

In a recent statement, former President Donald Trump expressed his strong opinions regarding the $464 million bond he is required to pay following his loss in the fraud case in New York State.

Trump took to Truth Social on Tuesday morning to share his thoughts on the matter.

“Any business thinking about moving into New York State is CRAZY!” Trump wrote.

“Numerous people have spoken to me about this since the Racist and Politically Corrupt A.G., who ran for office on a platform of ‘I will get Trump’ without knowing anything about me or my business, and her corrupt puppet Judge, Arthur Engoron, who has already been overturned 4 times on this case, a record, started doing a number on me,” he continued.

Trump’s legal team made an announcement on Monday, stating that they were unable to secure an insurance company to underwrite the bond payment.

They have now requested an appeals court to grant Trump permission to delay the payment until a decision is made regarding Judge Arthur Engoron’s ruling to fine Trump $355 million for engaging in fraudulent business practices.

Trump’s passionate remarks continued in a sequence of subsequent posts where he persistently criticized Engoron

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