Report: RFK Jr Makes His Veep Pick

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Robert Kennedy, Jr. allegedly made his choice of running mate. 

A report indicates that independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is likely to choose California attorney and entrepreneur Nicole Shanahan as his running mate.

Shanahan, a Democratic contributor who was previously married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin, financed Kennedy’s expensive Super Bowl campaign advertisement.

In an exclusive report, Mediate writes:

“They align on numerous issues,” a source close with the campaign said of Kennedy and Shanahan. “The campaign is also looking for a candidate who can help finance the ballot access initiative,” that will be crucial if Kennedy stands a chance of competing in the election.

The source added: “She might be infusing millions of dollars into the campaign to help fund the ballot initiative, which makes her attractive financially; however, she lacks the qualifications to actually do the job.”

Mediaite found that the domain was registered on March 13th, and verified the donation page is live and accepting donations at the subdomain

Mediaite donated $1 through that donation page to discover the domain was registered by Kennedy senior advisor Link Lipsitz.

The outlet has appeared to have sources close to the Kennedy camp. It was the first to report that he would be dropping out of the Democratic primary to run as an independent after the party took extreme measures to rig the elections for Biden. 

According to a source close to the campaign, Aaron Rodgers, the vocal NFL quarterback whom Kennedy had been mulling over as his VP choice, is no longer being considered. His potential selection raised concerns among campaign donors.

The New York Post reported that “Shanahan, 38, told The New York Times last month she had given $4 million to the super PAC, American Values 2024, to fund the $7 million 30-second Super Bowl commercial.

While claiming to not be an “anti-vaxxer,” she said she shared Kennedy’s constant attacks on vaccines. She also describes herself as a progressive who cares about children’s health. 

She donated to President Biden’s campaign in 2020 and gave the maximum $6,600 to Kennedy’s campaign in May 202r3 while he was still seeking the Democratic nomination, according to records obtained by The Times.”

Kennedy’s first task as an independent is to make the ballot in every state, something that has been opposed at every turn by the supposed “defenders of the democracy” in the Democratic Party. 

The scion of Camelot has been actively seeking funding to secure ballot access in all states as an independent candidate, a process estimated by his campaign to require $15 million. Currently, he has only met the criteria to appear on the ballot in four states: Hawaii, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Utah.

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