Chris Cuomo Makes Bizarre Threat Against Tucker Carlson During New Interview

[Photo Credit: By Senator Chris Coons - DNC CNN Camerota & Cuomo, Public Domain,]

NewsNation anchor Chris Cuomo confidently stated on Monday that he could “literally twist” Tucker Carlson, even though he admitted that Carlson is generally “tougher” than him.

“You’re tougher than I am. Not physically, I would literally twist you like a band-aid,” Cuomo said.

In the interview with the two former cable news personalities that was broadcast on NewsNation and the Tucker Carlson Network, Cuomo also discussed his departure from CNN in 2021:

“But you have more resilience about this than I did. I still feel like I’m on one knee and getting back up, and what motivated me to come back was two things– three things. One, my wife told me I had to. Two, she was like, ‘You gotta get up and, you know, we’ve got kids, you’ve gotta get up, you’ve got to do something with your life that is helping people and making something of this place. That’s what we’re supposed to be about. You are not about that right now. You’re a space rug right now. That’s what you are, you’re a 230-pound lump on the floor. Get up, do something with your life.'” the former CNN host added.

“My response was that I was embarrassed and I knew she was right, but sometimes you know what’s right but you don’t have the energy, the will, or the self-confidence or belief to do it.” he concluded.

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