Donald Trump Intends To Be A Play By Play Man For One Night

[Photo Credit: by Gage Skidmore]

Tonight is Joe Biden’s big chance to prove to the country that he’s not merely a well-meaning elderly man with memory problems when he takes the podium in front of a joint session of Congress. The State of the Union has been seen for weeks as the president’s chance to turn the tables on Trump, stopping the sliding he’s seen in polling over the past few months.  

Biden’s senior leaders have recently stated that they intend to make the campaign in 2024 not about policies that affect the daily lives of Americans, but about “defending democracy.” 

While Donald Trump is used to being in front of the camera with a big spotlight shining on him, tonight he announced he’s going to play commentator instead.  

Former President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that he will offer live “Play by Play” commentary on President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, writes The Daily Caller. 

The presumptive Republican nominee said he will correct “all inaccurate statements” about him, the Department of Justice, the U.S.-Mexico border and a range of other issues.

“I am pleased to inform you that tomorrow night we will be doing a LIVE, Play by Play, of Crooked Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “I will correct, in rapid response, any and all inaccurate Statements, especially pertaining to the Border and his Weaponization of the DOJ, FBI, A.G.s, and District Attorneys, to go after his Political Opponent, ME (something never done before in this Country!). We did this once before to tremendous success – Beating All Records. It is important for the Country to get the TRUTH!”

Thursday’s speech will be Biden’s final State of the Union address before the 2024 presidential election, when he will once again face off against Trump.

The former president is expected to be on the defensive. Axios reported that “President Biden will use tonight’s State of the Union address to admit that prices are still too high in some areas — but argue things were worse under former President Trump, White House chief of staff Jeff Zients tells Axios.

Zients said Biden will remind people ‘where the economy was three years ago when the president walked into office, where we are now and where we’re headed — what his vision is for the economy.'”

recent CBS News poll found that 65 percent of voters believe the economy under former President Donald Trump as being good, compared with 38 percent giving the current economy under Biden the same positive appraisal.

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