20 Percent of Democratic Voters in Minnesota Select ‘Uncommitted’ Over Voting for Biden

[Photo Credit: By The White House - P20210805CS-1270, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=110092803]

More than 45,000 Democrats in Minnesota—nearly 20% of the party’s participants in the Minnesota primary election on Super Tuesday—voted “uncommitted” one week after more than 100,000 Democratic voters declined to support President Joe Biden in the Michigan primary.

Biden won the Minnesota Democratic primary with little over 70% of the vote as of Wednesday afternoon, with an estimated 80% of the vote counted.

However, Decision Desk HQ reports that 19% of the Democrats who cast ballots in the race as “uncommitted” limited his margin of victory.

Third behind Biden and labeled as “uncommitted,” Rep. Dean Phillips, a Democrat from Minnesota’s 3rd District, received 7.8% of the vote.

Similar to what happened in Michigan a week ago, Biden’s hampered victory in Minnesota points to a possible problem for Democrats going into the general election since Muslim voters have shown major dissatisfaction with the administration’s backing of Israel since the outbreak of the war in Gaza.

Given the sizeable Muslim populations in Minnesota and Michigan, far-left activists have urged voters to cast “uncommitted” ballots in opposition to Biden’s position on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The president may need to hang onto both Minnesota and Michigan in the 2024 election in order to pull off a victory, as his wins in both states contributed to his victory over former President Donald Trump in 2020.

In 2020, Biden easily defeated Trump in Minnesota with 52.4% of the vote to 45.3%.

However, in Michigan, he defeated Trump by a far narrower margin—less than three percentage points.

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