CNN Contributor Slams MSNBC Hosts for Mocking Voters Over Immigration Concerns

[ Photo Credit: By Jeff Maurone from Seattle, WA, USA - Flickr, CC BY 2.0,]

During a CNN panel discussion on immigration and its impact on November’s presidential election, former GOP strategist Doug Heye ridiculed MSNBC presenters and their Super Tuesday coverage.

Heye shifted his focus from the National Guard’s directive to assist in combating crime in New York’s subway system to a Super Tuesday MSNBC panel with Nicolle Wallace, Alex Wagner, Rachel Maddow, Jen Psaki, Joy Reid, and Nicolle Reid.

Mayor Eric Adams (D) of New York City has stated time and time again that the city’s resources are being taxed to the breaking point as thousands of migrants are being bused in from Texas.

Heye stated on Thursday that such contemptuous views would ensure Trump has four more years in office.

“I think in Washington they don’t get it. Outside of Washington, Democrats get it more and more. I was watching MSNBC for a little bit on Super Tuesday and there was a panel of hosts and they were all sort of laughing.” Heye said.

“‘Well, Virginia’s a border state with West Virginia, so of course they’d be worried about the border. Hahaha.’ Eric Adams gets it. Kathy Hochul’s starting to get it, and if Washington — if the liberal intelligentsia that informs Washington [and] this White laughs it off or thinks they can laugh it off, they’re in for four more years of Donald Trump.” he concluded.

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