Liberal Government of Denver Looking to Lay Off Employees in Order to Hire Illegals

[Photo Credit: By Ken Gallager at English Wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by Xnatedawgx using CommonsHelper., Public Domain,]

Denver is currently dealing with a budget shortfall caused by a significant increase in the number of immigrants entering the city.

As a result, the city is contemplating potential furloughs for hourly workers and the possibility of employing undocumented immigrants.

According to a spokesperson for Denver mayor Mike Johnston, the budget shortfall was attributed to undocumented immigrants being unable to work, resulting in a strain on taxpayer funds.

The concept aimed to address this issue by hiring them as direct city employees.

According to her, the city has reviewed the proposal but is currently not moving forward with it due to the high-risk nature and potential illegality.

U.S. Senator John Hickenlooper (D-CO) recently advised local governments to potentially overlook federal regulations, proposing that cities consider issuing their own permits to undocumented immigrants, enabling them to work for different employers.

As the city was getting ready to hire undocumented individuals, it also recognized that due to the migrant situation, it might face financial challenges in compensating its American employees.

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