Howard Dean Claims Biden Could ‘Beat the Daylights’ Out of Trump in Push-up Contest

[Photo Credit: By Edward Kimmel from Takoma Park, MD - DNC Winter Meet 0072 Howard Dean, CC BY-SA 2.0,]

Howard Dean, aged 75, recently stated that President Joe Biden, aged 81, would easily outperform Donald Trump, aged 77, in a push-up competition.

The ex-governor of Vermont appeared on MSNBC’s Ari Melber show on Tuesday.

He delved into the Michigan primary results and Nikki Haley’s slim possibility of securing the GOP presidential nomination despite losing several states, including her home state of South Carolina, as well as claiming that Biden could best trump in a push-up contest.

“Haley’s hope has to be that she can present herself well as an alternative to Trump so at the convention accept her should Trump have a health problem, which he certainly as likely as Biden to have if not more, I mean — I’ll bet you anything that Joe Biden could beat the daylights out of Trump in a push-up contest, for example, and Trump knows it too. Although if it was a cheeseburger eating contest, it might turn out differently,” Dean said.

In addition, Dean claimed that Trump has a firm grip on the nomination, leaving Haley with the strategy of positioning herself as a backup option in case Trump encounters unexpected issues, such as health concerns.

While Dean expressed skepticism about Trump’s chances in a push-up contest he acknowledged the unlikelihood of him withdrawing from the nomination.

“He’s in it for the long run because he has to be for his psychological impairment,” Dean concluded.

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