Israeli Prime Minister Reveals Plans for Post-War Order in Hamas Controlled Gaza Strip

[Photo Credit: By IDF Spokesperson's Unit, CC BY-SA 3.0,]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has unveiled his strategy for the aftermath of his war against Hamas in the Gaza strip.

Netanyahu stated that the IDF’s mission involves dismantling the military capabilities and governmental infrastructure of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, securing the release of the remaining Israeli hostages, and averting any potential future threats from Gaza towards Israel.

In order to prevent the terrorists from reestablishing power in the Gaza Strip, he demanded the dissolution of UNRWA, whose members have been accused of complicity with Hamas in the October 7 massacre of over 1200 Israelis.

He also stated that the IDF would maintain freedom of action indefinitely along the entire Gaza Strip while maintaining a “southern closure” along the Gaza-Egypt border.

Netanyahu declared that Israel will continue to uphold security control over the entire region west of the Jordan River.

Israel aims to have local officials with administrative experience take on civil administration and responsibility for public order in Gaza, ensuring they are not associated with countries or entities that support terrorism.

Following Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza, Netanyahu also announced plans to tackle the problem of anti-Israel indoctrination in Gaza’s religious, educational, and welfare establishments, with the support of Arab nations experienced in promoting moderation among their citizens.

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