Mike Pence Unveils New 20 Million Dollar Attempt to Squash Pro-Trump Sentiment in Republican Party

A political advocacy organization of former vice president Mike Pence intends to allocate $20 million this year in an effort to directly counter populism, which Pence previously characterized as “unmoored from conservative principles.”

Pence’s Advancing American Freedom introduced the American Solutions Project on Wednesday, aiming to promote conservative policy priorities in the upcoming election year, which is expected to be influenced by former President Trump.

The upcoming project is set to focus on three primary goals.

One strategy is to influence political majorities by developing a policy agenda for candidates to adopt, aiming to counter the Right’s move towards populism and the Left’s shift towards socialism.

The second piece emphasizes advocating for conservative legislation and promoting Pence’s policy priorities, such as free trade, government spending limits, restoring U.S. leadership globally, and addressing issues with China.

The third and final segment of the project focuses on safeguarding conservative principles, including limited government.

Advancing American Freedom will be able to hire more people, develop its facilities, and publicize its initiatives thanks to the $20 million funding.

This will likely put it at odds with most Trump supporters within the GOP, who back supported the former President’s populist approach to many major issues.

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