Man Crashes Nikki Haley Event to Protest Her Pro-War Stances

[Photo Credit: By U.S. Department of State from United States - Ambassador Haley Delivers Remarks to the Press on the UN Human Rights Council, Public Domain,]

Nikki Haley, the last remaining Republican primary challenger to Donald Trump and former governor, was heckled by an irate “America First” protester while discussing foreign policy at a South Carolina rally on Sunday.

Haley addressed her rally regarding the escalating Middle East conflict and Iranian threats, including the drone strike in Jordan on Sunday that killed three American service-members and injured dozens more.

Haley told the South Carolina audience that President Joe Biden has facilitated the support of Iran and China for terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas and fueled Houthi attacks against Americans while discussing his foreign policy.

At that moment, a man in the front of the throng began shouting “America First,” a Trump slogan, while discussing the military-industrial complex and wars.

“No new wars! I’m done with the military-industrial complex!” the man shouted.

“None of us want new wars. None of us want new wars,” Haley said in response.

“We know who your money comes from Nikki. We know! And we’re sick of the wars and we want America First.” the yelled at Haley in response.

He persisted in shouting similar slogans while being escorted away.

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