Maria Bartiromo Asks Texas Lt. Governor if State Planning War With Biden Admin

[Photo Credit: By Jacqueline Zaccor, linkedineditors -, CC BY 2.0,]

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick of Texas was asked by Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo whether the standoff between the federal government and the Texas National Guard over the southern border could “evolve into a civil war.”

During an interview with Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures, Patrick criticized President Joe Biden regarding the dispute in Shelby Park, Texas, between state and federal officials.

“Because, I mean, what is this going to turn into a civil war? I mean, you’ve got the Texas rights versus federal rights, both sides with guns.” Bartiromo asked.

“And we believe constitutionally we are right. We have a right to defend our citizens. We have a right to defend this country. And we’re just doing the job. This whole idea of Shelby Park, that they would come there is just ludicrous. Yeah. These young men and women who serve our National Guard and our DPS, these are the best of the best. Why would he want to send anyone down to confront them? Yeah. I’m glad they stepped down, but they need to do the job. And the only question he’s paying attention now is because the election in November.” Patrick responded.

On Friday, the Texas attorney general denied the request of the Biden administration to grant access to federal immigration officers to the vicinity of the southern border in Shelby Park, which is cordoned off by razor wire and fencing erected by National Guard personnel.

The Biden administration and the state of Texas are at odds over the implementation of razor wire along the southern frontier as a deterrent to illegal immigration into the United States.

Razor wire, according to border agents, impedes their ability to apprehend undocumented migrants in a secure manner.

This week, in a decision that favored the White House, the Supreme Court authorized the Border Patrol to remove barbed wire that had been installed by the state’s National Guard.

In response, Abbott has issued an order for additional border barriers to be erected by the military.

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